The Belly Dancer:
Zehara Nachash (means Bright Serpent), a.k.a. "The Snake Lady,"  always felt a connection to the pulsating rhythms of the Middle-Eastern drums and sound. Even as a child, Zehara, her Grandmother and friends, would dress up like gypsies and dance outside in the warm summer evenings dancing to Russian folkloric music. So it was inevitable that she would eventually find herself being swept away in the world of Eastern Dance. Zehara has studied various forms of dance including ballet, jazz, hip-hop as well as various forms of Russian Gypsy and Indian dancing. To Zehara, belly dancing  is more than just an art form, but  an extension of the soul and spirit. 
Zehara began her study in Middle Eastern dance in 2003 . She attended several workshops and classes throughout the area. In 2004 Zehara plunged herself into the world of belly dance and began receiving private instruction from well respected dancer and teacher Shadia Tohme. Zehara has also received instruction from Seyyide Sultan and is a former member of Seyyide's Troupe Sarab. She has also received instruction from several other instructors throughout Massachusetts. 
Zehara has studied under the careful direction and guidance of Bahijha, a South Shore Belly Dancer who has taught Zehara how to perform with snakes. Currently, Bahijha and Zehara are the only two belly dancers in eastern Massachusetts to perform with serpents. Moreover, Zehara has been mentored by the wonderful Serpentessa of Temple Belly Dance in NY and will make a small appearence in Serpentessa's upcoming DVD on Snake Dancing. Zehara has performed at birthday parties, hafli's, benefits, rites of passage and other local events. She has also performed on Boston Neighborhood Network's evening program "Its All About Arts." Zehara has also taken over as organizer for the Boston Belly Dance Meetup and can be currently seen performing on Sunday's at the Middle East in Cambridge. To creative for one specific style, Zehara considers herself a Tejedora dancer and has Izzy Bushkovski to thank for that!
The Snake Charmer:
Zehara currently owns six snakes-and plans on getting more! Zehara has a deep appreciation for the Sacred Serpent and loves to spend time educating people on the Serpents long history of spirtual significance and meaning.  Zehara see's snakes as being more than just a "cool" pet, but rather views them as spiritual guardians. Zehara has studied the history of the snake charmers of India and hope to someday visit India during Naga Panchami or "The Festival of the Snakes." Zehara feels that a connection with her snakes helps her unleash her Goddess energy in her performances, reconnecting with the Goddess and Serpent. Zehara's snakes are her co-collaborators and dance partners and is grateful for the honor and privelege to dance with these beautiful and amazing creatures.
Zehara and her sister snake dancer and mentor Bahijah